August 5, 2018

Dear Son


we are the generation of women who will teach our sons to be respectful instead of teaching our daughters to beware

Dear son,⁣

⁣You look up to me. Every decision I make and every step I take, I turn around and l see you in my shadow taking the same steps in the very footprints I’m making. Soon enough your footprints will overtake mine. You’ll look back from time to time and I hope that all those years watching me will benefit you.⁣

God gave me an amazing responsibility in being able to teach and guide you. It’s my goal as your mommy and the woman in your life to show you by example.⁣

⁣Feminism is a bad word in this day and age.

But it shouldn’t be.

It’s a simple concept really but it’s hard for some to understand.

Everyone is equal.

That’s what feminism is.

That’s what feminism represents.

You are no better than anyone else. Neither am I. People each have their own purpose and calling, their own strengths and weaknesses - gender shouldn’t and doesn’t define that.

Men can be nurses, teachers, and homemakers just as much as women can be CEOs, brain surgeons, and soldiers. Each can be stay at home parents playing a crucial role in raising this next generation. Who are we to tell someone - actually anyone for that matter what they can and can’t do? Society has made these silent devastating rules and judgments that need to be thrown away.


Help me with that.

Watch me and mimic me by treating everyone equally - respect them, love them, accept them, and move past differences with peace, empathy, and respect. Regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, or skin color - I hope you love everyone. Just as I do. And just as Jesus does. ⁣

⁣You can be whatever you want to be Bubbs, just like the little girl sitting next to you. I hope you encourage and love your peers always - regardless of society telling you not to.⁣

⁣You’ve inherited my rebellious and strong-willed spirit. I know in the future you will move mountains and change the world. Rebel against these silly rules that tells someone they are better than others. Stand up against injustice and racism. Let them hear you roar as you tear down these standards that society tells us are normal. Let’s start with these small steps and go from there.⁣

⁣Watch me, Bubba - look up to me. ⁣

⁣You’re going to do great things. And I’m going to show you how by doing great things myself.