May 3, 2020

Not Until You

I never pulled over the car to just stare at horses. ⁣

I was never willing to give someone my last bite of dessert.⁣

I never knew how beautiful it could be to teach someone about Jesus. ⁣

I never knew the words “I love you” could bring me to my knees. ⁣

I never thought I’d smile as I picked rocks [aka treasures] out of the dryer one by one.

I never knew love could be so beautiful and painful at the same time. ⁣

I never had the power to heal a wound with a kiss. ⁣

I never knew how it felt to have my whole heart stolen with a small defiant cry. ⁣


I never knew. ⁣I didn’t.

Not until 𝙮𝙤𝙪.